10941121_329467367261719_7718169646108463656_nJanneke: After seeing Angela Gossow perform with Arch Enemy in 2005 at Fields of Rock, Janneke was so impressed that she decided to front a death metal band as well. In 2006 she joined “Why She Kills”, in which she developed the basics for her growls. In 2007, after becoming Holland’s best female growler, she decided to leave Why She Kills and joined up with “Ugly Sin” for a short while, but swiftly ventured on starting her very own project in 2008: Paper Doll Decay!


12011394_1481944782132534_7453441822013750195_nCaspar: The first metal band Caspar formed, was “Deafening Agression Therapy” in 2003: a djenty sounding metal band formed with close friends in which he played drums. Being the multi-instrumentalist that he is, Caspar was asked to be the bass player in the reformation of the late 90’s popular Dutch band “Curfew” along with the likes of  Daan Janzing (My Favorite Scar) and Koen Herfst (I Chaos, Armin van Buren). Because of the increased heavier and faster sound, the name was changed to “Bodybag Society”. A couple of shows and recordings later, fate stroke and the band was put on hold until this present day. Caspar then went on to form “Sequenced Chaos”, a progressive/djent metal band deploying a mix of complex polyrhythms and brutal riffs. Just after starting Sequenced Chaos he was introduced to Janneke. Not long after, their collaboration resulted in the coming into existence of Paper Doll Decay.


Sjors: Sjors Kuivenhoven may not ring a bell to many, but the 25-year-old is definitely a gifted bass player. Despite lacking any stage experience, Sjors spent most of his free time shredding tunes with friends, both on guitar as well as on bass, which he began playing at the age of 16. Nonetheless, it was clear from an early age that music flows in his veins and so Sjors grabbed the opportunity to audition for Paper Doll Decay in March, 2016. He did not disappoint and learned the entire set list in no-time just before hitting the stage for the very first time. Sjors immediately fell in love with performing live and is looking forward to conquer the stages globally with Paper Doll Decay.


RobinRobinIt was clear from a very young age that Robin was set to master the art of drums. Starting at just eight years old, Robin was immediately seen as gifted and took five years of lessons with Golden Earring drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk. After that, music was all that ran through his veins and Robin took solely music and dance in high school, and later proceeded to the University of Arts in Rotterdam. Robin has built quite a resume regarding metal bands. Throughout the years, he lent his brutal beats to Aggression, DEMIA (previously named Cancelled), Cypher, To Heaven Earth Is Hell and Chainsaw Disaster. Now he is up for a new challenge and rejoins forces with Paper Doll Decay, which he first joined back in 2010 but left due to other obligations. Now he is set to take his drum skills to the next level and bring along some more brutality.